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CD review: Sade

Artist: Sade

Album: Soldier of Love

Label: Sony

Rating: 4

Chances are you’ve heard her but you just don’t know it. At 51, Sade Adu has been making music for 25 years, during which her music has been played in drugstores, dentist’s offices, jazz clubs and elevators. Soldier of Love is no exception to the type of neo-soul, jazzy music she has been creating over the past years, with even a touch of reggae in “Babyfather.”

It’s been 10 years since Sade produced an album, but the waiting period only seems to add to her intrigue. When she sings “Be That Easy,” Sade displays an inner-peace that is at once calming and contagious. The melancholy evident in “Morning Bird” possesses no whining, self-pitying quality, but simply a poignant, thoughtful one, with slow piano notes in the background, leveled verses and a more soulful chorus. Sade produces an album consistent with her style, showing that her music can withstand time, and waiting periods between albums only adds to her mystique.

Give these tracks a listen: “Morning Bird,” “Skin”

For Fans Of: Ray Charles, Earth, Wind, and Fire

– Eleni Stephanides


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