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CD review: Zoey Van Goey


Artist: Zoey Van Goey

Album: The Cage Was Unlocked All Along

Label: Chemikal Underground

Rating: 5

The Glasgow trio Zoey Van Goey released two singles – “Foxtrot Vandals” and “Sweethearts in Disguise” – in the past few years with the help of Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. Last year they self-released The Cage Was Unlocked All Along, produced by Paul Savage (Delgados, Mogwai), which was re-released by Chemikal Underground in January.

The album blends upbeat folk-rock with melodramatic pop lyrics. Brennan, McMarthy and Moore artfully crafted an endearing debut that references light-hearted themes throughout. Moore’s soft singing pairs naturally with the carefree undertones and free flowing melodies that tenderly shape the album into an indie jewel.

Give these tracks a listen: “The Best Treasure Stays Buried”, “Sweetheart in Disguise”

For Fans Of: Camera Obscura

– Simone Wahng


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