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CD review: Jaheim

Artist: Jaheim

Album: Another Round

Label: Atlantic

Rating: 5

Jaheim just may be the best combination of the sultry-smooth vocals of R&B and the energy of hip-hop. His voice is strong and confident, and he undoubtedly could hold his own against R&B greats of the past such as Luther Vandross and Teddy Pendergrass. His lyrics are also refreshingly gentle – songs like “Otha Half” and “In My Hands” are sweet, loving and even grateful to women. It’s a nice relief from the aggressive lyrics of many of today’s hip-hop and rap artists.

And while Jaheim smartly avoids the lyrical clichés of hip-hop, he knows how to appeal to his listeners. Another Round is lively and modern, and even though it’s not exactly dancing material, the album has considerably more energy than some of Jaheim’s predecessors. Another Round is truly R&B for the 21st century.

Give These Tracks a Listen: “Ain’t Leaving Without You,” “Another Round”

For Fans of: R. Kelly, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder

– Robin Migdol


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