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CD review: Toro Y Moi

Artist: Toro Y Moi

Album: Causers of This

Label: Carpark Records

Rating: 4

Channeling a little bit of R&B, new wave and ’90s shoegaze, Chaz Bundick’s alternate ego manifests itself as Toro Y Moi.

The distortion of keyboard, synth washes and “chillwave” vibe is comparable to Neon Indian and Passion Pit’s atmospheric sound. Original? Maybe not entirely. But there’s something extremely endearing about Bundick’s voice underneath the computerized effects (the falsettos in “Imprint After” are quite impressive).

Causers of This is ultimately a collection of sounds and moods that all seem to blur together, in a good way. Don’t overanalyze or over-think Causers of This – just listen to the smooth, dream-like beats and enjoy it for what it is.

Give these tracks a listen: “Low Shoulder,” “Imprint After”

For fans of: Neon Indian, Passion Pit, Washed Out

– Uyen Cao


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