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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Letter to the editor: Roxanne Calimeris


Last Wednesday, all those running for ASUCD Senate and the President/Vice President positions congregated in their suits, ties and pant suits for a little debate. They discussed casual issues such as financial aid, the budget cuts, underrepresented student groups and where the money of the student body is going.

Apparently, these issues were not of any importance to the student body, as there were more people in line at the ASUCD Coffee House than were present at the debate.

What’s the deal, UC Davis? Has everyone forgotten that we’re in the middle of an economic downturn that has resulted in tremendous budget cuts? It’s time for the student body to wake up and realize the ASUCD senate and presidential positions do, indeed, have power on this campus.

To not research the platforms of the candidates and vote this week is to proclaim that you, as a supposedly educated individual, don’t really care about the privileges you have as a paying student. In addition, the lack of involvement in the ASUCD elections tells The Aggie that it’s okay for them to act as though they are Fox News and proclaim to the campus who they endorse and, therefore, who should be elected.


sophomore, sociology


  1. This girl obviously has no idea what she’s writing about. Comparing The Aggie to Fox News? If anything it should be MSNBC. I jest, however, there is a serious issue Mlle Calimeris brings up. Apparently she is unaware of the right that newspapers and other journals have to research the candidates in their own way and present an argument in favor (or against) certain candidates. Since she chastises Fox News, I’m sure it would pain Mlle Calimeris to know that the New York Times does the same thing with presidential elections in the USA. Don’t whine about a journal publishing who they endorse. Last time I checked your constitution you did have an amendment that states free speech. Which I am exercising thankfully here.


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