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Campus Judicial Report

Friends don’t let friends cheat

A senior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for unauthorized collaboration and cheating on an exam. The student had similar incorrect answers that were almost identical to those of a classmate. When the student met with a judicial officer, she stated that she did not look at the final exam of the student next to her nor did she notice anyone looking at her exam, however she did know the person sitting next to her. Later, the other student admitted to copying the referred student’s final exam. No disciplinary action was taken on this student and the case was dismissed.

Study correctly!

A first-year was referred to SJA for unauthorized collaboration during an exam. The student had work and answers on an exam that were incorrect and identical to another student’s. When the student met with a judicial officer, he stated that he neither copied nor collaborated with the other student. He explained that he and the other student did study together and in preparation for the exam they worked out several sample problems. However, both students explained that though they did sit in the same row, there was another student in between the two. They were given the benefit of the doubt; SJA decided not to pursue a formal hearing and resolved the referral with a non-disciplinary action of an administrative notice, which serves as a formal notice to the student of university policies and standards.

Version buster

A senior was referred to SJA for cheating on an exam. The student copied from a student she did not know during a midterm exam. The midterm had two different versions and the answers on the referred student’s exam reflected the answers of the version she did not have. When the student met with a judicial officer, she admitted to copying from the student and agreed to the disciplinary sanction of deferred separation until graduation and 15 hours of community service. A deferred separation means that if the student were found in violation of any university policies or regulations in the future, she would likely be suspended or dismissed from the university.


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