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Ask Annette

Q: What happens if you get caught stealing toilet paper from one of the bathrooms on campus? It is designated for public use, after all.

A: Toilet paper placed in a bathroom on campus is not there for the taking. Okay, let me rephrase that – it is there for individual use, but only when the facility is being used for its purpose. It is purchased with funds by the university. The bathrooms are for the public to use, but that doesn’t mean the items within these facilities are there for the public to take and use. The rolls of toilet paper are not there for the taking because you forgot to go the store or you just don’t want to buy it. If you are caught taking a roll, or rolls, of paper you can be cited for petty theft. You can think about this in two ways: the first, how would you feel if you happened to be the very next person in right after someone stole a roll? And secondly, wow, wouldn’t that arrest look great on a resume!


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