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CD Review: Emma Pollock

Artist: Emma Pollock

Album: The Law of Large Numbers

Label: Chemikal Underground

Rating: 3

After The Delgados broke up in 2005, founding member Emma Pollock began to focus on her own career. She released her solo debut Watch the Fireworks (4AD) in 2007. Pollock spent last year in the studio to record her second album, The Law of Large Numbers on Chemikal Underground, the label that she co-founded in 1994.

The Scottish singer-songwriter avoided the melodic approaches of Watch the Fireworks and instead layered unconventional arrangements beneath her smooth, flowing vocals and melancholy lyrics, which helped to create her refreshing sophomore album.

Yet The Law of Large Numbers definitely isn’t expected – her deviating approach sets her off in an entirely new direction. It’s hard to shed one’s comfort zone to appreciate this album, as it’s less accessible to the first-time listener.

Maybe it’s because she’s married to her producer.

Give these tracks a listen: “I Could Be a Saint”, “Confessions”

For Fans Of: Zoey Van Goey, Camera Obscura, Delgados

– Simone Wahng


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