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CD Review: Hot Chip

Hot Chip

One Life Stand


Rating: 3

While half of Hot Chip’s latest, most focused release demonstrates their capability for brilliance, other tracks feel safe and lackluster.

One Life Stand highlights Hot Chip’s ’80s and disco inspirations, omitting much of the band’s previous experimentation with soul and funk. In the album’s stronger moments, synth beats are flawlessly paired with romantic melodies, resulting in danceable magic.

But, there are misses. “Slush” is a tiresome ballad with some synth sprinkled in, absent of any sort of Hot Chip trademark sound. Similarly, “Hand Me Down Your Love” sounds hollow and uninspired.

As much of the band’s success has ridden on their unique fearlessness, some may feel as though the attempted cohesion of “One Life Stand” is a sign of their downfall. But the narrowed focus only shows what Hot Chip can do. With a little more maturity, an entirely great album could be in the works.

Give these tracks a listen: “One Life Stand,” “Take It In”

For fans of: Cut Copy, Miike Snow

Janelle Bitker


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