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Editorial: Co-op closure applications

In October, Student Housing announced the potential Davis Student Cooperative closure in August 2010 due to a $7,000 budget deficit. Residents of the co-ops however, are currently accepting resident applications for next fall.

Director of Student Housing Emily Galindo said meetings between current residents are going well, although final word of keeping DSC open has not been released.

So why are current residents accepting applications for next year, when as far as they know, DSC will close?

Although applicants are optimistic about the situation, they also need to remain realistic. Letting students apply to live in DSC leaves a gray area for potential residents. They should approach the application process with caution and have alternative plans.

Current co-op residents are trying to determine how many applicants they can accept for fall that would fit into the other two houses, should DSC close. Representatives agree that applicants will not want to wait till say, June, to find out if they will have housing for next year.

Galindo, however, said she expects meetings between co-op representatives and Student Housing to end sometime in March, at which point a decision will be made.

Since Student Housing made the announcement and “final” decision in October, they have at least met with co-op representatives and seem willing to communicate. It is a positive step that these meetings could end sometime in March.

Although it is beneficial both parties are openly speaking, a definite deadline needs to be made for the peace of mind of current applicants to end the gray area of negotiations.

It is up to each individual applicant to decide whether or not to place so much hope on an uncertain decision.


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