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KDVS holds music video contest

If you’ve ever watched music videos on MTV and thought you could make better videos than today’s musicians – here is your chance.

For the first time ever, KDVS is holding a music video contest. From Mar. 1 to May 15, anyone from the Davis and Sacramento area can submit an original music video to KDVS. Winners will receive prizes such as gift cards to Watermelon Music and a feature article in Dimple Records’ monthly magazine.

The contest is the brainchild of senior Matthew Torres, assistant studio technician at KDVS.

“I love music videos, and I always watched them on MTV back when they actually played music videos, and on VH1,” Torres said. “I like the idea of action and of people actually doing things.”

Torres said the idea for holding a music video contest came to him after trying to create opportunities for filmmakers to work with KDVS.

“We’re already working with arts and music,” he said. “We should be stepping into a new realm.”

The contest will also help connect KDVS and the community.

“KDVS sometimes has a pretentious, introverted image,” Torres said. “We want to break that down. This will be a great way of getting connected to the community. There’s a huge music scene in Sacramento, so it can be a contact frenzy.”

To enter the contest, at least one member of the group must be from the Davis or Sacramento area. Along with the video, the group must also submit a short biography of themselves and the band, and label the music genre of the song. Groups should limit themselves to three videos of less than six minutes long each.

Kevin Corrigan, general manager of KDVS, said that every style of music and film is welcome.

“We’d like to stress that we are open to anything,” he said. “Have fun with it. We want to see innovation.”

Planning is underway for an award show in May, and KDVS may set up a YouTube channel or a screening so people can watch the videos, Torres said. KDVS will also air a free commercial during the contest for any business that donates prizes.

Chelsea Wolfe, a Sacramento musician, is planning on submitting at least two videos.

“I started making music videos about a year ago as another way to express my aesthetic, and to make music videos that I felt represented myself and my band accurately,” she said in an e-mail interview. “I also am working on music videos for Agent Ribbons and Mountshout. I work in a kind of lo-fi manner and enjoy editing the best – where it all comes together in a strange vision.”

Torres said he hopes the contest will turn into a yearly event. Even if people have no experience with music videos, he encourages anyone to enter the contest.

“We are open to everyone submitting,” he said. “Whether you think it’ll work or not, submit it.”

For more information about how to submit a video, visit myspace.com/kdvsmusicvideo or check out the KDVS Music Video Contest Facebook page.

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