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CD review: Rogue Wave

Artist: Rogue Wave

Album: Permalight

Record Label Brush Fire Records

Rating: 3

The well-established Oakland-based indie rock band tries entirely too hard on newly released Permalight. The ill-fated record proves how easy it is to lose yourself in the need to find a perfect hook.

For an album that seems to be all about rebirth and new beginnings, Rogue Wave cannot carry over the power of their last two records. And for a band that has been from the pivotal start of the indie movement that may be the saddest thing. The introverted melodies and the psychedelic note-bends are all still present but introduced is a shitty pulsing synth hook that not only seems out of place but also makes the album seems generally insincere. Their new sound maybe what frontman Zach Rogue always wanted, but it seems mindless and unfocused. The two-year wait was not worth it for this mediocre record that only has a few catchy tunes.

Give these tracks a listen: “Per Anger,” “Fear Itself”

For fans of: Owl City

– Anastasia Zhuravleva


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