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CD review: Sambassadeur

Artist: Sambassadeur

Album: European

Label: Labrador

Rating: 4

Following their 2007 release of Migration, Sambassadeur swiftly and carefully developed the skill to adopt sounds from US and UK pop and polish them into their own catchy arrangement. In fact, the Gothenburg-based pop quartet’s third studio album, European, seems to be an auricular summarization of all things pleasant in life.

Throughout European, tracks are seamlessly interwoven and flow smoothly from one to the next. It also helps that Anna Persson’s heartwarming voice makes lyrics about desolation and loneliness feel almost cheerful.

Despite the nice daydream that European fabricates for its listeners, it is difficult at times to identify moments when the album ascends beyond pleasant or comfortable overtones to something a bit more momentous. Nonetheless, European is Sambassadeur’s most consistent and sincere release to date.

Give these tracks a listen: “Albatross,” “Days”

For fans of: Lacrosse, Club 8

– Simone Wahng


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