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Campus Judicial Report

A junior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for public intoxication. The student was observed walking around on campus one evening quite intoxicated, and was stopped by UC Davis police and Aggie Hosts. She was then taken to a local hospital by ambulance and was released the next day. When the student met with a judicial officer, she claimed that she was simply walking through campus while on her way back from a friend’s birthday party. However, she acknowledged that she violated the university’s Standards of Conduct for Students. The student agreed to the disciplinary sanction of a censure, knowing that repeated violations of university policy would be cause for further disciplinary action. In addition, she agreed to attend ADAPT, the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program.

Procrastination nation

A senior was referred to SJA for plagiarism after failing to properly cite on-line sources used for an essay he submitted. When the student met up with a Judicial Officer, he admitted that he had plagiarized and stated that he had been very stressed out due to multiple essays due that same week. This being the student’s second referral, he agreed to the disciplinary sanction of deferred separation through graduation. Deferred separation means that if he is again referred and found in violation of misconduct, he gives up the right to a formal hearing and will likely be suspended or dismissed from the university. In addition, the student was assigned 10 hours of community service, a writing assignment and a plagiarism quiz. He was also referred to the Learning Skills Center to see a writing specialist on how to avoid plagiarism and was referred to CAPS for stress and procrastination management.

Ghost riding?

A junior was referred to SJA for conduct that threatens health and safety. The student was seen driving a vehicle in a campus parking lot while her passenger was standing with half of her body hanging out of the passenger window. An officer pulled the student’s vehicle over and informed the student driving that it was her responsibility to ensure that all passengers have proper restraints. The student understands that she was in violation of university policy and state law. She agreed to the disciplinary action of a censure.

Members of the student for judicial affairs compile the campus judicial reports. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.


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