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CD Review: Little Big Adventure

Album: The Hateful Eye EP

Label: Labrador

Rating: 5

Not much is known about Little Big Adventure, a.k.a. Vladimir Vasilyevich Markovnikov, except that all of his songs are about hate and that he loves his Casio keyboard. Throughout The Hateful Eye, Markovnikov skillfully combines many modern soundscapes and inserts anamorphic transitions from one to the other in an original and unconventional manner.

Though the EP consists of only five tracks (and was released May of last year), it nicely captures LBA’s eccentric pop sound of past releases and evokes feelings of self-pity, shame and melancholia – very fitting for the transition from winter into spring. The Hateful Eye is worth a revisit or two.

Give these tracks a listen: “Happiest Times” “The Hateful Eye”

For fans of: Grasscut, Nathan Fake

-Simone Wahng


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