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CD review: Ape School

Artist: Ape School

Album: Remixes

Label: Counter

Rating: 4

Tracks from Michael Johnson’s 2009 release, Ape School, were semi-recently remixed and put onto an a seven-track compilation unoriginally titled Remixes. The songs carry similar resonance as the original tracks, however twangs of electronic pop and hip-hop make are present throughout the EP. Though both “That’s OK” and “Wail to God” were each remixed twice by different artists, they produce substantially differing sounds from one another.

The Pop Levi remix of “That’s OK” does not quite differ significantly from the original recording but the brimming electronic fuzz adds an appealing touch. With the same track, Andrew Broder has created an almost entire inversion of Johnson’s original, thus producing something new and inventive all together. Those who are familiar with Ape School’s original release will most likely be interested to hear how other influential artists including Daedalus, Keith Sunset and Yppah have re-fabricated these tracks.

Give these tracks a listen: “That’s Not OK (Pop Levi Weemix),” “Wail to God (Daedalus Remix)”

For Fans Of: Daedalus

– Simone Wahng


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