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CD review: Patrick Park

Artist: Patrick Park

Album: Come What Will

Label: Badman Records

Rating: 4

The first time I heard “Something Pretty,” I fell in love with Patrick Park’s voice – infused as it is with soul, folk and lullaby. His soft vocals and gentle guitar riffs are probably the strongest aspects of his music, although the simplicity of the lyrics also adds to its appeal. Park sings with such calm passion and emotion that it’s hard to resist feeling serene and carefree when you’re done listening. His music doesn’t sound like a reflection of his fumbling attempts at self-discovery, nor does it sound like Park is forcing a message or genre on anyone; he’s just Patrick Park with a guitar and beautiful songs.

This new album delivers similar tracks to what I found in his prior ones; tracks about waiting, contentment and starry nights. The album ends with soothing lullaby track, “The Long Night” that may just help put you to sleep.

Give these tracks a listen: “The Long Night,” “You’re Enough”

For Fans of: Wilco, Richard Buckner

– Eleni Stephanides


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