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CD Review: Everything Purple

Artist: 800Beloved

Album: Everything Purple

Label: Moodgadget

Rating: 4

Following up after their 2009 release of Bouquet, 800Beloved’s Everything Purple gently interweaves dream-pop with small hints of shoe-gaze and alternative rock to delicately craft a charming second Moodgadget release. Endearing lyrics are pleasantly paired with dreamy lo-fi melodies and soft rhythms – swimming through a sea of softly textured and articulated sounds.

Tracks flow from one to the next in a hallucinogenic conglomeration of layered resonance and reverberations. Everything Purple presents a delicately wavering sequence of sweet love songs and gently immerses listeners into a spiraling, carefree delirium. So loosen your grip on Teen Dream and try Everything Purple on for size.

Give these tracks a listen: “Everything Purple,” “1992”

For fans of: Office

– Simone Wahng


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