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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Roving Reporter

“If any athletics get cut it should be football. A lot of money is spent on that program.”

Glenn Hoban

junior comparitive literature major

“I think the real problem is that we need more money to spend on everything we want. We already cut too much.”

Katie Parkhill

sophomore economics major

“The bike cops. They waste money and give us tickets.”

Ken Umeh

senior biological sciences major

“Cut the entire administration.”

David Mac

senior economics major

“Cut a lot of the new construction. We don’t need to build new dorms and dining commons every other week.”

Neiman Paw

junior neurobiology, physiology and behavior major

“I think both the centennial walkway and the bike circle murals were a waste of money.”

Adam Chludzinsky

senior international relations major

“The salaries of people that make hella money. I believe in cutting from the top.”

Nerissa Hall

first-year political science major

“Small things like the amount of paper used in classes. Professors should use the Internet more and stop all the printing.”

Jessica Huang

sophomore animal biology major

“There are some really crappy professors that the school keeps around just for their research. We should cut them.”

Caroline Jaynes

sophomore sociology major

– Text by Erica Lee

– Photos by Jeff Perry


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