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CD Review: Voluspa

The Golden Filter



Rating: 4

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, The Golden Filter is already on just about every hipster’s iPod.

The dreamlike, catchy single “Solid Gold” well represents the electronic duo’s debut album, Voluspa. As a whole, the album is a well-balanced collection of sultry, low-fi disco.

“Dance Around the Fire” starts out the album with a slow and graceful build up to an ominous crescendo of synth and classical string instruments. Similarly dreamlike and enchanting electropop numbers follow, melding into one another to create a remarkably cohesive debut.

Voluspa typically balances infectious, haunting melodies with well-produced beats to produce ambient feelings of fantasy-like mystery. However, a few later tracks rely perhaps a bit too much on the female lead singer’s breathy crooning to sound fresh.

Give these tracks a listen: “Dance Around the Fire,” “Look Me In The Eye”

For fans of: Glass Candy, Goldfrapp

– Janelle Bitker


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