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CD Review: Whet

Broken Water


Radio Is Down

Rating: 4

Upon first listen to Broken Water’s debut LP, Whet, comparisons made to ’90s post-punk pioneers like Sonic Youth are understandable. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the numerous layers of grungy guitars and murky vocals congeal into something deeper.

Each track serves as a tour of the group’s influence with scattered vision. The build-up is nonexistent until that euphoric culmination of muddy lyrics and grungy instrumentation starts again. The opening track, “Say What’s On Your Mind,” is sumptuous and familiar – but it’s not a copy of just any ’90s smoldering grime. It’s a surreal re-working of the era’s signature sounds to create a haunting lo-fi reverb feeling. “Web,” another charmer, is frenetic and chillingly overwhelms you with its fast pace.

That said, post-punk shoegaze junkies would be hard pressed to find fault in this cohesively nostalgic wonder. The album as a whole whets the appetite and situates itself into your head like an earworm. Good stuff.

Give these tracks a listen: “Say What’s On Your Mind” and “Heal”

For fans of: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Beat Happening

– Vanna Le


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