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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Editorial: Referendum vote

In the next few weeks, UC Davis students may have the chance to vote on two referendums declaring no confidence in both UC President Mark Yudof’s leadership and the management of the UC Regents. This vote will more accurately reflect student sentiment on the issues, and will effectively utilize ASUCD’s decision-making ability.

The votes of no confidence are significant attempts to protest the UC leadership. If passed, these votes would convey a powerful and weighty statement. The referendum and the student-wide vote itself will likely resonate throughout other UC campuses.

Moreover, the referendum draws in a large potential voter base, all while remaining consistent with the campus’ growing sentiments of unity and solidarity. Those who may disagree with the methods of our campus’ more vocal protestors and those who might have been turned off by the March 4 protests are more likely to participate. After all, casting a vote takes less time and requires less risk.

A student referendum might also draw more student voters than typical ASUCD Senate elections, which see a low voter turnout largely because of voter apathy and disconnect from ASUCD itself.

In this way, a student-wide vote would provide a much more accurate depiction of student views, as opposed to an ASUCD Senate resolution on the same issue. Even a low voter turnout of 2,000 to 3,000 respondents would more wholly reflect the student body than a vote of 12 ASUCD senators.

The intent of this vote would not be to minimize ASUCD’s representative power. Rather, the referendum would add more voices to a strong statement, and would offer students a direct voice in the decision-making process.

These votes of no confidence utilize the ASUCD referendum process in a peaceful, democratic way. If passed, the decisions would carry more weight than an ASUCD Senate resolution, since it would represent the views of the entire voting student body.


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