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Campus Judicial Report for May 5

Can’t stop won’t stop

A junior was referred to Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for failure to stop working on an exam when time was called. The student was taking a math placement exam in the Student Academic Success Center (SASC). He was afforded three full hours to finish the exam because of a disability, but refused to cease working on the exam when time was called. Additionally, the door to the testing room was to remain unlocked during the exam, but when SASC staff returned to collect the test, the door was locked. The student admitted his failure to stop working on the exam but denied locking the door. Continuing to work on a test after time is called is a violation of the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct because it is unfair to other students. The student agreed to the sanction of disciplinary probation, which extends through his graduation from UC Davis. This means that he retains the right to a formal hearing if referred to SJA again, but should he be found in violation in the future, it would likely result in his suspension or dismissal from the university.

Accompanied minors

A junior was referred to SJA by Student Housing for being under the influence of alcohol in a university residence hall. Although the student was over the age of 21, she herself was not a resident and she was in the room of underage residents, which had numerous empty alcohol containers on the floor. In addition, they were playing music loudly and throwing items over the balcony, which was causing a disruption. As a result, a RA noticed them and went to the suite that the students retreated into when spotted. The student claimed that she consumed the alcohol at a downtown bar to celebrate the completion of a class project, and then accompanied her friends, who live in Student Housing, back to their dorm room. The student acknowledged that she was not a resident, and admitted that she was intoxicated in the room of underage residents. She agreed to accept Disciplinary Probation until graduation and a consultation with UC Davis’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment program (ADAPT).

The couple that cheats together stays together

A senior was referred to SJA for allegedly copying from or collaborating with another student during the final exam in her upper division economics course. The student had previously been referred for the same violation in a prior quarter. During this exam, she was observed copying from the male student sitting in front of her. She initially denied any relationship with the student, but was later found to actually be engaged to the male student she was copying from. He denied that he had been consciously helping her cheat, a fact that was supported by the referred student when she admitted to copying from his exam. Her prior violation of the Code of Academic Conduct, coupled with the fact that she lied about her relationship with the male student, led to the disciplinary sanction of suspension from the university for six quarters.

Members of the office of Student Judicial Affairs compile the CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.


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