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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Editorial: UCCS program

The UC Center Sacramento announced last week that UC Davis is stepping up to the take management control of the center.

UCCS was the only academic program offered through the UC Office of the President and it could not maintain responsibility for the program. Considering that it was at risk, we are glad to see that UC Davis was willing to take control.

It is vital that the UCCS program continue and that UC Davis take the reins of the operation.

The center operates two programs: a public policy and a journalism program. Since the UC system does not offer a journalism major, we applaud UCCS for continuing to provide UC students with hands-on local internships and real-life experiences. Although some have the opportunity to participate in the UC Washington program, not all can afford to spend a quarter in another state. UCCS allows for a cheaper and closer experience.

The switch results in new advantages. All UC students can now use UC Davis resources while enrolled in the program. They can work with UC Davis faculty, have health care and even use services such as Counseling and Psychological Services and the Activities and Recreation Center. Because of its close proximity to Sacramento, UCCS generally has many UC Davis student participants. This trend will most likely continue and can further benefit Davis students. For example, Davis students were not technically enrolled at their home campus last year and did not have access to Davis facilities although enrolled in UCCS.

Considering the experience that students receive from this program, we commend UC Davis for its effort to take over for something that the UC Office of the President could not maintain.


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