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CD Review: Go



XL Recordings

Rating: 4

Sigur Rós front man has redefined what pop music can be with his debut solo album, Go.

Jónsi layers the ethereal, orchestral style of Sigur Rós with playful optimism, in compact, four minute long pop songs. They are experimental but accessible, climactic yet melodic.

For the first time, Jónsi sings primarily in English – lyrics are simple and upbeat, endearing but largely unaffecting. However, his gorgeous vocals and fragile falsettos play off the over-the-top symphonies to create brilliant, epic bliss.

“Go Do,” the album’s opener, feels like a fairy tale. Teetering on sickeningly sweet, the album’s message becomes clear in the song’s lyrics, excited woodwinds and rhythmic swells. “You always know we can do anything,” he triumphantly beckons.

Jónsi is relentless in delivering euphoria. And if happiness is contagious, then considering yourself warned of infection.

Give these tracks a listen: “Grow Till Tall,” “Boy Lilikoi”

For fans of: Sigur Rós, múm

– Janelle Bitker


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