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CD Review: Your Future Our Clutter

The Fall

Your Future Our Clutter


Rating: 5

If it’s really better to burn out than fade away, what can be said about fading from view long enough to release an album strong enough to put your peers to shame?

Your Future Our Clutter marks The Fall’s 28th studio release since their formation in 1976. In addition to pushing the 1970s British punk scene and influencing the shape of post-punk and indie rock to come, The Fall have had remarkable staying power and continue to put out solid releases like clockwork.

Your Future Our Clutter is no exception – founder and lead singer Mark E. Smith’s lyrics are sharper and drier than ever, dripping with discomfort and disaffected sangfroid that frames the group’s sludgy Euro-toned sound. Forget reunion tours and special edition reissues, Your Future Our Clutter is an album with enough disdain and swagger to stand on its own.

Give these tracks a listen: “O.F.Y.C. Showcase” through “Weather Report 2”

For Fans of: Pavement, The Birthday Party, Bauhaus

– Amber Yan


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