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CD Review: Infinite Arms

Band of Horses

Infinite Arms


Rating: 4

Band of Horses’ Infinite Arms has been released just in time for the band’s performance at Freeborn Hall tonight, so consider the album your pre-concert required listening. The band of three effortlessly combines country, mellow rock and a little bit of that indie edge. It’s a pleasing combo that manages to bring out both the musicality of roots music and the driving force of modern rock. Each song drips with soul, and while Band of Horses has become something of a sensation, its music still retains that homespun feel.

What the album lacks is energy beyond the kind that simmers just below the surface. The guys seem to be holding back a little, as though too much excitement would ruin their good ol’ boy reputation. They have the goods; now, let’s see them channel the rock stars that they are and bring out the raw emotional power that turns good bands into great ones.

Listen: “Factory,” “On My Way Back Home,” “Infinite Arms”

For Fans of: Neil Young, The Eagles, My Morning Jacket

– Robin Migdol


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