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CD Review: Song for the Ravens

Sea of Bees

Song for the Ravens

Crossbill Records

Rating: 2

With an outwardly gloomy and eerie feel that seeps into each track, Song for the Ravens snatches onto elements of nostalgia and sad melodies.

As the lead vocalist, Julie Baenziger offers unique murmuring vocals reminiscent of a whisky-drinking and broken-hearted girl.

However, some tracks offer light into the seemingly depressing feel of the overall record. Combining lyrics about rosy cheeks, pale skins, and feelings about being like a child, playful drums pulsing in the background of the track entitled “Skinnybone” offers some moments of interest.

As with the spiritual and dark symbolism associated with the raven, Songs for the Ravens is not an album for easy-listening. Although one can definitely appreciate Baenziger’s alternative insights and lyrics, the album is definitely one you should be in the right mood for.

Give these tracks a listen: “Gnomes,” “Skinnybone” and “Willis”

For Fans Of: Eisley, Lixian Hantover

– Uyen Cao


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