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Best Police Briefs

Too cheeky

A woman was riding her bike at Radcliffe Drive and Sycamore Lane when a motorcyclist slapped her on the left buttock.

Must have been an Invisibility Cloak

A subject was seen peeping into windows on Drew Circle but was unable to be located.

Extra bulge

Someone stuffed a dress down his pants and ran out of the store on Second Street.

Fire flies – literally

People were behind a residence on Tiber Avenue shooting flames from an unfamiliar apparatus and then a small explosion was heard.

Return of the stork

A stroller was taken from the front porch on F Street.

Case of drunchies

On Lake Boulevard, a subject on a bike stole bread and two beers.

Blame Canada

Grandparents on Rodin Place wired $30,000 to Canada thinking they were sending the money to their granddaughter.

Hand Solo

An unknown male was masturbating outside a bedroom window on Miller Drive.

Krispy Kreme craving

On West 14th St., two males in a red or maroon 2000 Ford Explorer were driving recklessly, speeding and doing donuts.

Oooh, what a burn

On Second Street, a male called the police department from a payphone, stated “F*** the fire department,” and disconnected.

Berry illegal

A strawberry vendor was selling without a permit on Lillard Drive and Danbury Street.

Shit happens

A female subject defecated in a store on D Street.

Environmentally unfriendly

Someone picked up a planter on G Street and threw it at a business vehicle.


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