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Davis, California

Friday, May 17, 2024

Police Briefs


Statute of limitations, bro

Subject was assaulted in 2008 when he was a pledge for a fraternity on C Street.

Cabbage patch kid

Subject was laying in a planter bed on A Street.

Police brief from the future!

There was a north light beam activation on John Jones Road.


You’re supposed to lift them up …

Upstairs neighbors were dropping weights on the floor on Cantrill Drive.


Searching for his sanity?

A male was walking around laughing and looking in garbage cans on Tulip Lane.

Flying carpet

A subject threw a rug at his brother on Fordham Drive.


Sincerely, the Crown Prince of Nigeria

Someone’s e-mail was hacked and a false e-mail was sent to their address book saying they needed money sent to them on Inca Place.

Stealing with speed-o

A male was seen hopping over a fence into a pool area. Swim coaches were concerned the subject might be taking property from locker rooms on Temple Drive.

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