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Editorial: Community Forum

Every day we work hard to provide you, the readers, with news you can use.

You are our primary audience and as a result we value your input. We want to understand what is important to you because we serve you as the community of Davis. If there is something you would like us to know, something you would like to contribute or a position you desire, remember: you have the ability to make an impact at The Aggie in many capacities.

Here are some ways you, as readers, can contribute to The Aggie:

Letters to editor: If you feel strongly about something, write a letter to the editor and let our readers know. You may be able to give an alternate opinion or provide more insight to an issue than an unbiased reporter can. Letters to the editor are essential to creating dialogue on important topics and debates on campus.

Submit your letter to editor@theaggie.org. Try to keep the word count between 550 and 650.

Press releases: Is there something you think we should write about? An event we should cover? Let us know about it by sending us a press release with some background information and at least three people a reporter can contact.

E-mail the desk you think the article is most relevant to: campus, city, features, sports, science, arts. Addresses can be found on our website, theaggie.org.

Photos: Have a photo you would like an editor to consider for placement in The Aggie? Send an e-mail to photo@theaggie.org

Tips: Know something we don’t? Contact us to report information on story ideas or ways to improve the paper.

If you see an error in The Aggie, e-mail us so that we can correct our error. Journalistic integrity and accuracy are very important to us.

Join our team: If you’d like learn about the fast-paced world of journalism or join our production team, apply to work at The Aggie. There are an abundance of opportunities available for reporters, layout artists, photographers, copyreaders, advertising representatives or distributors.

Applications are available online at asucd.ucdavis.edu/jobs or you can e-mail managing@theaggie.org.


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