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Campus Judicial Report

Summary of the 2009-10 school year

Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) received 1,053 cases – 549 involved alleged violations of the Code of Academic Conduct and 504 addressed alleged social misconduct. The primary source of referral for academic misconduct was cheating on an exam with 255 reports. There were 225 reports of plagiarism and 26 cases of unauthorized collaboration.

Advice from SJA

Although the 549 cases of reported academic misconduct do not likely reflect all instances of cheating, the level of faculty participation in referrals shows that the majority of students on campus do not cheat. To help prevent academic misconduct, students should report all instances of cheating on exams. If a student is stressed out about a test or assignment, seek help. SJA is located in Dutton Hall for those who need guidance.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by student members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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