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CD review: Two Door Cinema Club

Artist: Two Door Cinema Club

Album: Tourist History

Label: Kitsuné

Rating: 4

Interesting fact: The name for this Irish trio came about when one of the band members mispronounced “Tudor Cinema,” the name of the local movie theater. This relatively lesser-known band has come out with a high-energy electropop/indie rock album that will keep you tuned in the whole way.

Two Door Cinema Club doesn’t offer any comedowns from the fast-paced electronic ride they place you on. With song names ranging from “I Can Talk” to “Undercover Martyn,” this album rests heavily on what the instrumentals contribute. Because their lyrics are concisely minimal, the background beats are what make the music. This often results in a few songs that sound indistinguishable, with no salient lyrics to set them apart. All in all though, a good find: not as well known, but stylistically similar to many popular favorites like Phoenix, Bloc Party and Passion Pit.

Give these tracks a listen: “Cigarettes In the Theatre,” “I Can Talk,” “Undercover Martyn”

For Fans of: Phoenix, Passion Pit, Bloc Party

– Eleni Stephanides


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