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Davis, California

Friday, May 17, 2024

Editorial: All students be informed

Oct. 7 was a national day of action to defend public education, resulting in rallies, marches and sit-ins across the country. Organizers in Davis used the day to educate fellow students about recent decisions made by the administration.

Students are affected drastically by these decisions, and it is important that they learn the facts.

At the rally on the quad, organizers handed out flyers about the recent agreement between UC Davis and US Bank. The flyer argued that UC Davis is making money off of each student who opens a US Bank account. In addition, the bank is receiving a multitude of perks in return, such as premium season tickets for Aggie sporting events and rent-free access to university facilities.

Many students read the flyers with wide eyes – stunned that the mere presence of a bank on campus could have such a lengthy back-story and such large implications.

It’s likely that a lot of students don’t know why student fees went up 32 percent last year, or that there’s a distinct possibility fees could go up again next month.

Teaching assistants with the United Auto Workers union currently do not have a contract – something else many students are probably unaware of.

All students, regardless of how they feel about protests or the administration, should at least know the facts. They should know how they and others are being affected.

Although Thursday’s turnout was only a fraction of the thousands on campus, it’s important that students are taking initiative and trying to enact change. We hope the university is listening.


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