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Photo of the Week

Editor’s note: The “Photo of the Week” is a new addition to The Aggie during the 2010-2011 academic year. It will display the best single moment on campus or in the city in the past week – anything from students, classes and sporting events to campus protests, farmers markets and city festivals. The photographer will briefly describe how the shot was captured, what type of lens was used how the settings helped to capture the moment.

The highly anticipated arrival of the newly refurbished CoHo finally came yesterday. When I arrived to capture this image I knew I wanted to convey as much information about the renovated, on-campus locale as possible. This affected my choice of lens. I decided to shoot wide angle – a lens with a small focal length – so I used a 10-22 mm. Since the shot occurred indoors and I wanted as much light as possible I used a wide aperture (the size of the opening) of f/4. This was to make sure I had enough light to enable a fast shutter speed. I stood up on a nearby window frame allowing me to show the CoHo from a perspective students can’t see unless they are 10 feet tall. Due to the small focal length, I was able to capture students studying and ordering food as well as the unique architecture of the building in one photograph.

– Jeff Perry


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