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Column: Epic froyo adventure

I had a horrible realization last Wednesday: I’m not perfect.

It started when I was munching on Padrino chips ($2.60) and checking my e-mail. A reader, Marshall, brought to my attention last week’s food tip of the week where I talked about Cargo Coffee and its locations on campus. His e-mail went something like this: “Did you not realize that the King Hall Cargo Coffee Co. burned to the ground in APRIL?”

He was right. I ran outside, threw my hands up and cried out “Why, why, oh why?!” I did know about the fire in April, I was heartbroken for weeks and then I blocked it out of my memory. All I can say is Alzheimer’s is coming for me fast, people. By tomorrow, I’ll have no clue what you mean if you say the words “recession” and “student loans” to me. Anyway, to make myself feel better about my error, I decided to eat massive amounts of frozen yogurt. Welcome to my Epic Froyo Adventure.

All six frozen yogurt shops in Davis have the option of nonfat yogurt, and they are all self-serve except for Pinkberry, which has full service. The prices are the same at most of the froyo shops (39 cents), except for Cultivé (31 cents in October), Yogurt Shack (38 cents) and Pinkberry (different flat rates for five different sizes). At every yogurt shop, I asked staff the question: “What makes this place the best yogurt shop in Davis?” Here’s what I found out:

The cashier at Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, located next to the North Davis Nugget, said they have 10 flavor selections and they change flavors every two weeks. She explained the best thing about their store is their family-friendly environment and their love of getting involved in the Davis community. They donate 20 percent of their funds to local clubs by hosting fundraisers, and they helped raise $3,000 for Delta Epsilon Mu. Now that’s what I call giving a helping hand.

Yolo Berry Yogurt, located across from Central Park, has fun decorations displayed to celebrate the Halloween season. The cashier answered the question by pointing out their topping options (over 100), and their friendly staff. This place also allows you to get your own samples. Sweet, sweet freedom.

At SugarPlum, located at the U-Mall, you will find a TV screen on the wall which, when I went in, was playing “How I Met Your Mother” (high-five!). One reason they say they’re the best froyo shop is because of their 16 different flavors. If you want options, come here.

Pinkberry, located at the Davis Commons, is a new addition to the Davis community. The cashier/shift lead answered the question by pointing out their cool interior (a floor that looks like you’re at the beach), their daily cut fresh fruit and their premium ingredients (all-natural when possible). They also offer endless samples of their six flavors.

The cashier at Cultivé, located next to Chipotle, said that their shop offers the most tart flavors. You can find their 10 flavor options inside a clean, friendly environment. They also allow you to get your own samples. Oh, the joy.

Yogurt Shack was the first froyo shop in Davis and is located by Beach Hut Deli. The cashier at the “original froyo shop” explained that their environmentally-friendly yogurt cups are biodegradable and that they offer dairy-free and sugar-free alternatives to their nonfat flavors. Their down-to-earth staff and yogurt are great reasons to stop by for a treat.

After my Epic Froyo Adventure, not only did the pain of my error go away, but I also found my favorite froyo shops. Life is good. And now it’s your turn, dear reader. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples and a nutrition guide.

Now for the food tip of the week! The Davis Food Co-op, located on the northern part of G Street, is a great place to grocery shop if you’re into organics, or have a frustrating food allergy (or what I call an FML!! allergy).

Many of their products are gluten-free and are made with organic ingredients. For all-natural food that might be cheaper here than at other stores, look for their eggs (25 cents an egg or $2 to 3 per dozen), soy milk ($4), yogurt (80 cents per cup), organic peanut butter ($4.50), mac & cheese ($2), chips ($2.80) and oreos ($3.50).

And if you’re looking for a fun time, go down the grains/snacks/soups/granola/nuts/spices aisle. You can scoop up as much or as little as you want and pay per pound. I felt like a little kid in an ice cream store looking wide-eyed at all my ice cream options, except that in reality I’m in my 20s and I’m staring wide-eyed at healthy stuff. My inner kid isn’t smiling, but my inner adult is.

JENNIFER RICHWOOD wants to hear your froyo and Co-op stories! E-mail her at jcrichwood@ucdavis.edu.


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