55.5 F

Davis, California

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Aggie Police Briefs


Real trespassers do chin-ups

A male was doing pull ups in a neighbor’s tree on Madera Court.

College student prepares for Halloween party

A transient was loading his cart with sodas, pumpkins and other merchandise on Mace Boulevard.


I am not saying that she is a gold digger

Someone’s estranged wife has been using his vehicle without permission on La Coruno Street.

G Street = trashy

A group of males were yelling at the bar staff on G Street.

Damn singing fish

Loud bass was heard around Anderson Road and Sunset Court.


Bi-polar Express

A male refused to get off a train on Second Street.

You can’t commit death … that’s not a thing

A group of transients with two unleashed dogs threatened to commit death and great bodily injury on Chestnut Lane.


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