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New committee works to spread art on campus

The Aggie Public Arts Committee (Aggie PAC) is a newly formed committee that is interested in adding a variety of art to campus, especially murals.

“We want to do a big mural in the new [ASUCD Coffee House],” said ASUCD Senator Levi Menovske, the senate representative for the committee. “We also want to do a mural with every different college.”

Menovske added that he is using the help of the Aggie PAC to turn one of his platform issues, the edible garden, into more of a public space with mosaic walkways, arches for entrances and a mural wall, which the public will be able to use.

ASUCD Senator Alison Tanner founded the committee and hopes it will provide a way for art students to get involved with ASUCD.

Since all committees are temporary unless the senate chooses to renew them, the Aggie PAC doesn’t have a budget. Menovske said the senate might give it a budget in the future if it becomes more permanent. In the mean time, it has to fundraise.

“[I] hope that we’ll be able to establish permanence to gain the trust of the administration,” Tanner said. “We’d like to be a resource to all students. [If they] have a place they’d like to see some art or some art project ideas, they know that this is where you go to see it become a reality.”

Tanner passed legislation and conducted interviews for committee members last spring. Daniel Olivas, chair of the committee, was confirmed earlier this month.

Olivas said he hopes that the community will respond positively to the Aggie PAC.

“Art is always a kind of risk,” he said. “My biggest concern is just making a connection. Any sort of connection is something that makes it worthwhile.”

Olivas hopes that more students will get involved to help spread art throughout the campus, regardless of if they join the committee or not.

“Art is the best way to express what it means to be human,” said Olivas. “No one knows that better in Davis than students.”

AKSHAYA RAMANUJAM can be reached at campus@theaggie.org.


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