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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

CD review: The Radio Dept.

Artist: The Radio Dept.

Album: Clinging to a Scheme

Label: Labrado Records

Rating: 5

A symphony of electronic haze and echoing piano gives Clinging to a Scheme an irreplaceable vintage and romantic feel.

Reigning from Sweden, The Radio Dept. preserves its soft and melodic sound in Clinging to a Scheme. The Radio Dept. stays loyal to its low-key atmospheric and melodic sound.

Frontman Johan Duncanson’s soft voice reverberating through soundwaves practically dances with the xylophone and guitar in “You”. But by far the best track on the album is “Heaven’s on Fire” which is impossibly catchy and sweet.

The perfect autumn day: a book and a cup of coffee in hand with Clinging to a Scheme prancing along in your ears. You can thank me later.

Give these tracks a listen: “Heaven’s on Fire,” “A Token of Gratitude,” “You”

For fans of: Wild Nothing, Moscow Olympics, Air France

– Uyen Cao


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