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Entertainment Council cock-blocks its planned pornographic screening

If you prefer your porn viewing experience in a more public setting, you may be out of luck. The Entertainment Council has declined to screen a showing of the acclaimed pornographic film, “Virtual Reality Stimulator” by Ultra-Magnum Creations.

This would have been the second public screening of pornographic material in three years on campus. “Virtual Reality Stimulator” is 3D – three full dimensions of hardcore, guy-on-girl pornographic material.

“A big part in our decision to screen it or not, is the fact that it is the first 3D porno,” said Veronica Lee Rice, senior film studies major and cinema co-coordinator for the Entertainment Council. “The 3D concept is so big that it is seeping into the porn industry.”

Rice later explained that this particular film does not need to be screened, as there are other non-pornographic 3D films that the Entertainment Council feels will reach a wider audience.

“We don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable on their own campus,” Rice said.

There were mixed reactions to the pornographic screening two years ago. While Rice insisted these “alternative-type” viewings aren’t just for first-year males, others who attended last time are happy this one is not being shown, especially in 3D.

“If they had it here I know none of my friends would go after our experience at the first one,” said Shamita Jayakumar, a junior economics and sociology double major. “Most of my friends thought it was way too graphic; do we really need porn in 3D?”

The Entertainment Council had planned on making the event an educational one, coordinating with the Gender and Sexuality Commission (GASC) to give a talk beforehand. Rice even toyed with the idea of inviting a film group, Filmmakers’ Ambition, to speak about the emergence of the 3D format in new movies.

“We would just want to make sure that if there are any problematic elements [within the film] that they be talked about,” said Caitlin Alday, GASC chair. “We want to also start a dialogue with other groups on campus about issues that come up within films, such as rape, class, gender and ability.”

GASC gave a talk two years ago before the last pornographic screening. In the film there was a rape fantasy scene and GASC discussed the importance of consent in real life situations. They had planned do something similar this year based on what issues were brought up within the film.

But it looks like GASC or any other group will not need to make any announcement, as Entertainment Council decided against showing “Virtual Reality Stimulator.”

Some students, however, are upset that the Entertainment Council pulled the plug on this project.

“The pirates porno was probably one of the most popular events the Entertainment Council put on that year,” said Karly Gelardi, a junior international relations major.

Gelardi had tried to go to the screening of “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” but couldn’t due to a packed auditorium.

“If pornos are what the students want, pornos are what they should get,” she said. “Isn’t that the point of the Entertainment Council, to entertain students as they want to be entertained? Plus, it’s 3D.”

Rice maintained that the Entertainment Council is for the entire student body, but Jayakumar has her own theories as to why the film will no longer be shown.

“They probably don’t know how to properly clean all the 3D glasses after,” she said. “Would you consider those reusable?”

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