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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pacifico Future Hangs In The Balance

Davis City Council passed a resolution last Tuesday giving Pacifico Student Housing Cooperative the go ahead to start property management negotiations with Yolo City Housing.

Pacifico, a student housing co-op in south Davis, is facing foreclosure. The city suggested new management as a way for Pacifico to move forward with providing affordable housing and performing much need rehabilitation.

The passed resolution authorizes the Pacifico staff to negotiate terms with YCH as soon as foreclosure is final. An exact date has yet to be determined for the foreclosure.

Another group, Ecumenical Affordable Housing (EAH), was also considered to manage Pacifico. EAH had the support of council members Sue Greenwald and Rochelle Swanson. However, in the report given to the council, Pacifico was specified as wanting to work with YCH.

Greenwald and Swanson said they favored EAH because they were worried about the amount of student housing that would remain available in Pacifico. In EAH’s proposal, they would make room for more than 90 beds. YCH said they would have over 40 beds reserved for students only.

The Pacifico co-op will remain open for business. They currently have 80 percent capacity filled in two of the four buildings – the other two are closed for renovations. At present, Pacifico has no property manager.

BRIAN A. BROWN can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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