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Monday, May 27, 2024

Aggie Police Briefs


Police beet

An unknown suspect stole vegetables from a plot on Fifth Street.

This is where I plug Prop. 19

There was a loud party and possible marijuana use on Mulberry Lane.


He promised he would pay it back

Male stated that he needed emergency financial assistance on Shasta Drive.

One way to show you care

A parent at a game was belligerent with the fans and refused to leave on West 14th Street.

Halloween done right

There was a loud party on Sycamore Lane.

There was a loud party on Oeste Drive.

There was a loud party on Cowell Boulevard.

There was a loud party on Drake Drive…

Halloween done even better

Someone returned to their home on Russell Boulevard to find 350 people refusing to leave.


Giv 2 da po’

Flyers stating a group was collecting items for a charity event were reported as a possible scam due to poor spelling on Arena Drive.

What stamina!

A dog has been barking for the past six days on Redwood Lane.

They chose Trick

A male in all dark clothing and a cape pointed a handgun at someone’s vehicle on Shasta Drive.


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