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Campus Judicial Report

Watch your language!

A sophomore student was referred to the office of Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for sending e-mails containing hostile and abusive language to a university official. After an apparent disagreement over waiving her late registration fee for Summer Session I, the student sent an e-mail to the university employee handling her appeal, which contained abusive language and vague threats against the employee. Using such language in an e-mail to a university employee is a violation of university policy. The student received an administrative notice, which is a formal notice of the rules governing the university. It also serves as a warning, should the student be referred again.

A case of mistaken “identification”

A junior student was referred to SJA for using another student’s ID card to access the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). This constitutes unauthorized use of university facilities and using another student’s ID card is considered to be a misuse of a university document. When asked about it by the supervisor at the ARC, the student claimed that “everybody was doing it.” The student’s name was kept on file by SJA, which is not technically a disciplinary sanction, but simply a record of the incident to be kept until the student’s graduation.

Wrong form

A sophomore student was referred to SJA for allegedly copying during a pop quiz in his upper-division chemistry class. The quiz was only one question long and the student arrived at an incorrect answer that happened to be the correct answer for a different version of the quiz than the student had received. This led the TA to believe that the student had been copying answers and work from another student who had the other version of the quiz. The student eventually admitted wrongdoing and accepted the sanction of disciplinary probation for one full academic year. Disciplinary probation means that, should the student be found in violation again, he or she would likely be suspended or dismissed from the university.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by student members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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