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Column: Epic All-American Eats

Imagine this scenario: You’re hungry and you wish you had a burger, sandwich or a hot dog to eat. To spice up your story, you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’re dying of starvation and you’re a moron. Let me add that only a moron would be starving and unprepared in the middle of nowhere (like the moron from Into the Wild).

To cut the story short, you’re saved and brought back to Davis where you can now have the burger, sandwich or hot dog you so longed to have. It’s a scenario of epic proportions, one I would like to call the Epic All-American Adventure. If you’re trying to decide where to get your burger, sandwich or hot dog to end this epic adventure, look no further. Here are some options for you:

When looking for burger joints, you have about 15 in Davis to choose from. First, the absolute cheapest burgers you’ll be able to find (and healthier than you would expect) are at In-N-Out. It’s really no surprise. A combo meal including a cheeseburger, fries, and shake is less than $6. And if you really want to know what makes them different from other fast-food franchises, read Fast Food Nation. I dare you to eat at McDonald’s after reading it.

Habit Burger is another cheap burger joint located in the Davis Commons. A single “charburger” ranges around $4, while a combo meal (charburger, fries and soda) ranges from $6 to 7. If you are worried about health, go on their website. They have a link that shows nutritional information on every food product they serve. Pretty snazzy.

Redrum Burger is an iconic Davis burger joint located on Olive Drive across from Shell. They were mentioned by Andy Richter on Conan O’Brien’s “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour” when they came to Sacramento back in May. Prices for Redrum’s burgers range from $6 to 13, which includes tip. (The $13 is for a 1lb. burger plus fries.) Two of their oddest burger choices are the Bison burger ($8) and Ostrich burger ($8). And yes, the Bison burger is made with real buffalo meat, and the ostrich burger is made with real ostrich. Feel daring? Then try either one and tell me how it went.

Other burger joints to consider if you don’t mind spending extra $ are Burgers and Brew, The Grad and Tommy J’s (inside of Froggy’s). All are delicious.

When talking about sandwiches, I should start out mentioning Subway, Togos or Quiznos for their $5 sandwiches everyone knows about. But moving on to other options, a sandwich shop you should consider is Beach Hut Deli, located on E Street. Their sandwiches come in small, medium and large sizes with prices varying from $6 to 12 depending on size. One little fact is they also sell beer, which makes for a great college lunch hangout.

Other sandwich shops to consider are Zia’s Delicatessen, located on Third Street, and Pluto’s, at the Davis Commons. Zia’s is a tad expensive, but for the sandwiches, it is definitely worth it. Pluto’s has good sandwiches, but I love their salads more. If you get focaccia bread with your main salad, you won’t regret it. The cost for a main salad with meat is around $8.

Last but certainly not least, The Hotdogger, located on E Street, is the only place I recommend for an amazing hot dog. Prices range from $3.50 for a hot dog to $6 for a Gut Bomb (you don’t want to know). Their recommended hot dogs are the Chicago Dog ($3.75) and the Chili Cheese Dog ($5 and great for eating in cold weather). They don’t have much seating inside (fits two to three people), but they have seats outside if it isn’t raining.

Now for the Food Tip of the Week! Trader Joe’s is open at the U-Mall! Here’s some cheap prices you should know (remember, they might not always be these prices): bananas, 19 cents each; apples, 59 cents each; bagged salad, $2; cheese, $4 to 8 per pound; potatoes, 39 cents each; onions, 69 cents each; cereal, $2 to 4; juice, $2 to 3; pasta, 99 cents; peanut butter, $2; bread, $2 to 4; herbs, $1 to 2; and a dozen eggs, $1.29.

In other words, I walked out with $35 in groceries, whereas at Savemart or Safeway I would’ve spent around $80. One added bonus about this place is that you don’t have to try to shop healthy here; it just happens. I didn’t try and I walked out with everything organic plus a few gluten-free items. Don’t ask me how it happened because I DON’T KNOW. Isn’t that great?

JENNIFER RICHWOOD is SO HAPPY that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series!!!! E-mail her at jcrichwood@ucdavis.edu if you think everyone underestimated them in the beginning.


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