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Gunrock Pub showcases community success and innovation

After a series of extensive renovations, the Gunrock Pub, centrally located in the Silo Union building, has come to symbolize something far greater than itself – the collaborative achievements of a rich community.

Through local partnerships, the full service restaurant and bar embodies the very essence of UC Davis innovation, bringing focus once again to local success in agriculture.

“While we were modernizing the restaurant, we also wanted to give it more of an infusion of the campus,” said Robin Clement, projects and marketing director for Gunrock Pub. “We focused on local and campus foods to showcase the achievements of the community.”

In fact, the Gunrock Pub has partnered with UC Davis Olive Oil and now displays their collection both on the menu and in label designs framed along the walls.

The pub also revamped its own logo to mimic the artwork found on the labels of the UC Davis Olive Oil collection.

“The partnership first originated between us and the Grounds Department and turned into one with UCD Olive Oil,” Clement said. “We now proudly serve their olive oil with vinegar and French bread alongside every meal.”

Gunrock Pub has also ventured into partnerships with the Animal Science Department and Growers Collaborative to offer dishes with meat from the meat lab and produce from the student farm.

“Most of our food is local, but all of it is composted,” Clement explained. “We work very closely with R4 Recycling to make that happen.”

However, despite the last of these renovations that took place January of 2009, the on-campus pub still remains relatively unknown amongst the student body.

“The Gunrock Pub is one of the best kept secrets on campus, especially from the students,” Clement said. “We hope that these renovations appeal to more students and becomes a special place for them to enjoy.”

Unfortunately, Gunrock Pub is only open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. due to its previous lack of business past those hours, Clement explained.

One of ASUCD Senatorial Candidate Darwin Moosavi’s platforms is to turn the Gunrock Pub into a sports bar by extending hours, lowering prices, and showing popular sports games. At Wednesday’s candidate debate, Moosavi said this was because the pub’s business is poor and that he’d be meeting with a Gunrock Pub representative soon. Moosavi could not be reached for comment.

Nevertheless, many students still happily embrace Gunrock Pub for what it was originally built to be – an on-campus pub.

“It’s always nice to be able to get out of a midterm and have to walk only 10 feet for a beer,” said Kevin McCully, a senior economics major. “They have a really good selection and always have seasonal and local brews on tap.”

Other students find the full salad and soup bar a quick and healthy alternative to the fast food offered at the Silo.

“I love their salad bar,” said Michelle Rossi, a junior psychology major. “They even offer it for take-out when you’re on the go.”

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