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CD review: Taylor Swift

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: Speak Now

Label: Big Machine Records LLC

Rating: 4

Taylor Swift is all grown up. No, she did not take the Britney Spears/ Miley Cyrus route and completely destroy her reputation to seem older, but the lyrics and overall tone of her new album definitely have more adult content, with less fairytale and more real life.

Despite the new direction, Taylor never fails to impress. This is the best album she’s produced so far, because it truly shows her range as an artist. From soft, reflective ballads, to edgy rock serenades, Swift captures every facet of a young girl’s journey through love. I mean, come on, what else would the songs be about? It is Taylor Swift, after all.

Give these tracks a listen: “Speak Now,” “Mine,” “Haunted”

For Fans of: Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood

– Brittany Pearlman


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