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Campus Judicial Report

No ID card, no service

A sophomore student was referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) for helping a friend gain unauthorized access to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). When approached by ARC staff about the violation, the student did not appear remorseful and assumed that staff would not report the incident because she was a first-time offender. The ARC facilities are provided only to currently enrolled students to control costs and provide a higher quality service. Thus, the incident was a violation of university policy. The student’s name will be retained on file by SJA until her graduation.  In addition, Campus Recreation suspended her membership to the ARC.

No helping hands

A first-year (Student A) was referred to SJA for alleged collaboration on an exam in his lower division chemistry class. Student A was observed sitting next to another student (Student B) with the same color exam, a violation of the professor’s instruction to sit in an alternating color pattern so that students sitting next to each other would have different versions of the test.  Additionally, Student A was observed speaking with Student B and laughing while the exam was in progress. The professor also observed Student B looking at Student A’s exam. Upon completion of the test, the professor examined both tests and saw that Student B had many answers in common with Student A, though without the supporting work that Student A had shown. In an informal meeting with a Judicial Officer, Student A admitted to helping Student B on the exam and agreed to a sanction of disciplinary probation for two years.

You only get one chance

A senior was referred to SJA for altering an exam and submitting it for more credit in her upper division biology class. The professor reported that the student had come to his office hours requesting that he take a second look at the point totals on her exam. Upon further examination, he saw that the point totals did not match up and updated it in his grade book for the class. The instructor then took a further look at the student’s exam and saw that the pages were clearly photocopies of the original test that had been altered and re-stapled. He confronted the student about this and she immediately confessed. After meeting with a judicial officer, the student agreed to a sanction of deferred separation, as well as 15 hours of community service and a short writing assignment on academic honesty. Deferred separation means that the student may continue attending UC Davis, but if she is again referred to SJA for any kind of academic misconduct, she waives her right to a formal hearing and would likely be suspended or dismissed if found in violation.

CAMPUS JUDICIAL REPORTS are compiled by members of Student Judicial Affairs.


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