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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Letters to the editor

Don’t milk while drunk

I am an avid reader of The Aggie. I read a copy of the newspaper every day! I have to say that I was quite disappointed in your “In Other News” blurb Tuesday. It read: “UC Davis bucket list: Milk a cow while drunk. Frat party anyone?”

There are so many problems with this statement. First off, if you were planning on milking a cow at UC Davis while drunk, you would have to sneak into the dairy facility after hours. Then, you would have to gain control of one of the cows, meaning you would cause a great deal of stress to the animal as well as the rest of the animals in the pen. And then you’d have to attempt to milk the cow, which I’m sure being done by a bunch of drunk frat boys would be extremely unsuccessful and harmful to the animal.

Plus, drunk people do stupid things. I’m sure you know this. Encouraging drunk people to be in a pen with a large half-ton animal is not only irresponsible but also encourages animal abuse and disorderly conduct. If any of these “frat boys” were to go as far as to tip one of the cows, it is highly likely they would cause permanent damage to the animal and its young if it were pregnant.

A lot of students read The Aggie daily, and as an agriculture school (hence “Aggie”) it is extremely irresponsible to encourage this type of reckless behavior. We should take pride in our agricultural achievements, not play around with them while we are drunk.


Junior, agricultural and environmental education

Students must take action

We find ourselves in a time of change. The people creating these changes are the privileged few who forcefully implement unjust laws and policies to a misinformed majority.

It is unfortunate to say that we are being steered into the muddy waters of great injustice as seen through the student fee increases, the privatization of the university, the perpetual decline of student resources (as seen through furlough days, the financial aid office’s reduction of hours and the underfunded WRRC Library) and systematized racism that scapegoats the undocumented population in the form of such draconian laws as S.B. 1070 and H.B. 2281.

Students everywhere are taking the brunt. Even more so, undocumented students and people of color are finding themselves in restrictive financial situations. The system of higher education is forcing us to pay more for less; the students are being swindled from a just education.

The overwhelming and perpetual waves of unjust policies are taking a toll on the student body, and if nothing is done we are sure to keep experiencing this trend. Times like these require students to reclaim public spaces in order to encourage dialogue and create awareness. In the name of reclaiming student spaces we invite any and all students interested in learning and expressing their opinion on the current state of higher education to the Quad at noon today.

The current state of fee increases and unjust environment will continue and will only stop with student opposition. The student body has waited long enough for the administration and we know that we must take it upon ourselves to create a better university that works for the public, not the other way around. Find up-to-date information on current actions at the blog, peopleofcolorunite.wordpress.com, where we are currently working on revoking the current 8 percent fee increase.


Junior, environmental science and management


  1. So…my boyfriend went to one of “The Aggie” , shall we call it a ‘get-together’ and I found out what was meant by “UC Davis bucket list: Milk a cow while drunk. Frat party anyone?” COMPLETELY gross, and inappropriate lol


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