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Parking fines to increase in Davis

Beginning Dec. 7, there will be a $3 increase for parking violations, increasing the average ticket to $43. The new fine will be applied to tickets received both on campus and in the city of Davis.

“The Council passed a motion to add a $3 increase to all the city’s parking violations to offset the pending state surcharge,” said Councilmember Stephen Souza of Senate Bill 857, which allows the state to take $3 from every fine.

“We could have done nothing or we could lose an extra $3 per parking ticket,” said Jim Ivler, administrative services manager of the Davis Police Department. “Now, the violator pays the extra $3.”

SB 857 is a part of the state’s 2010-2011 budget bill that Governor Schwarzenegger signed into effect on Oct. 8. Funds will be remitted to the state Trial Court Trust Fund.

The parking fine increases will expire July 1, 2013. SB 857 will be repealed on Jan. 1, 2014, unless otherwise extended.

The average parking ticket in Davis is currently $40. Common infringements include time violations and curb markings.

Parking fines were last increased in July 2009 from $35 to $40. Past increases have been enacted to cover rising costs of enforcement, fuel and parking meters.

“If there wasn’t an increase in the parking fines, the state would still be collecting an additional $3 per parking violation from the city,” said Police Lieutenant Glen Glasgow. “This is a way for the city to finance the new legislation.”

According to the city council staff report, the recommended increase will generate approximately $36,000 in additional revenue, all of which will go to the state.

“The Davis City Council’s action was a bit of a ‘pass-through’ based on state action,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Joe Krovoza. “We wanted to hold our revenue neutral.”

Glasgow said there would be no change in parking enforcement or operation adjustments within the Davis Police Department.

It remains to be seen whether the increase in parking fines will deter residents from parking in high traffic regions like the downtown area.

“I don’t think the additional fines will be much of a deterrent,” Ivler said. “I think everything will even out over time.”

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