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Roving reporter

I had a cousin come in angry because he wasn’t invited and he punched his dad.

Dustin DeCaro, sophomore biomedical engineering major

On New Year’s my friend fell into the pool with his brand new iPhone.

Leticia Cheng, junior economics major

I was hit on by a 30-year-old guy with my family standing there. My dad was watching and he looked so confused.

Shweta Shaikher, first-year animal biology major

I went to Las Vegas for Christmas and lost $900.

Ahmad Merza, junior film studies major

New Year’s I went to the Mexican-Guatemalan border with my boyfriend
and sister and we got stuck on top of a Mayan pyramid. We stayed there
until the park guides rescued us, and then we spent New Year’s drinking
tequila with them.

Tamara Vodovoz, comparative pathology graduate student

have three different Christmases in my family, and one year my aunt
tried to switch Christmas to New Year’s Eve. It ended in a family

Chris Bulkley-Logston, senior mechanical engineering major

I went to Seattle with my sister and we went to a townhouse party. That was a little out of the realm of normal.

Lydia Jahn, first-year exercise biology major

went to Mammoth to go skiing and we brought our dogs. One of the dogs
got off the leash and we had to go searching for him in the dark. It was
pretty scary.

Ashley Eaton, junior biochemistry major

Once I fell asleep at Thanksgiving dinner. There were 30 people there and I was waiting for my turn and got sleepy.

Ollie Ehlinger, third-year law student

had two drunken uncles get into a fight at Thanksgiving. They had too
much to drink and I don’t even know what they were fighting about.

Alexa Davidson, first-year undeclared major


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